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Help to issue your pending invoice to your customer on time. And get a clear overview of accounts receivable and cash flow.


Track your finances with accurate accounting reports. And collaborate with your advisor online in real time.


Manage SST easily. Let system calculate SST automatically on transactions, and use reports to prepare SST returns.

Problem you are facing

Many unforeseen ci​rcumstances interrupts your daily business operation and you lost focus on growing your business


  • Computer turn slow or even fail when handling huge database or backup, worsen if invaded by a virus or ransomware.
  • In order to cope with market situation like the changes of government service tax, existing system need to be update in a timely manner.


  • Whether the database in the system can be recovered in time is a question. Besides, daily business operation was interrupted or worst halted.
  • Significant budget and effort need to be allocated to up keep all of the devices in company.

Everything you need to grow your business, we got it for you


Unlimited licenses and unlimited device. Maximum IT ​adaptation to maximise business efficiency and growth without worries


Simultaneous multiuser can streamline business work flows by improving process pipelines & avoiding task pile up

Safe & Secure

No worry on data loss due to virus attacks or hardware failure. No need to perform tedious routine backups


Tired of dealing with slow PC? No worry as it work on any PC even on a phone 


Worry free as software is automatically upgraded and updated


Business will not be interrupted as users can work anytime, anywhere

Let's build business

ETATSU is mor e than just a mini ERP solution!

Businesses are communities. It’s how they started. We believe that TOGETHER we can create a supportive and friendly business enviroment that is more sustainable.


Our Partne​rs

Get the community to help you,
any time you need it

At ETATSU, we support any community and activity that drive toward for the good of community, same to CoAcc. CoAcc is an accounting community that provide a platform to discuss, collaborate and contribute to the community. We believe that a healthy community should pursue the philosophy of "from the community for the community".

There is NO upfront charges,
NO license fee, NO annual or maintenance fee!

You only pay for data traffic you use. For as low as RM10.50, a small SME could use for a year! And we will store your data forever! 

How much does it cost to use ETATSU?

You do not need to pay us to use ETATSU. It is open for the public to use.

The only cost to you is the traffic bandwidth you consume whenever you are using it.
It is controlled by a simple quota system. You redeem traffic quota to use eTatsu. When your quota is insufficient, you redeem more to continue using.

You will use a quantifying unit called RIMO to redeem the quota. A unit of RIMO is retailed at a price of RM1.50 only. For a small SME with low transactions, seven (7) units of RIMO, amounted to RM10.50, will redeem traffic quota that could last for a year of usage. 

The cost to use ETATSU seems very low, is there any hidden cost?

The answer is no.

We believe software should be developed to help users solve problems. We do not sell eTatsu to you. Just like Facebook and Gmail, did you pay anything to use them? The fee you paid for is merely the cost for data traffic.

We also promote fair use. Whoever uses more, pays more. There is no hidden cost. No setup fee. No license fee. No maintenance fee. No subscription commitment. 

If I stop using ETATSU for a period, will my data be deleted? Do I need to pay to keep my data until I want to use again?

You only need to pay for the data traffic. You do not need to pay for the data storage.
As long as you don't delete your data, your data will be kept safely.

There are no differences between not using ETATSU when you sleep at night and not using for a year. Your traffic quota will not lapse when you stop using the system. You can access your account anytime. Just make sure you have traffic quota whenever you use ETATSU. 

Do I need to install ETATSU on my computer? Can I use it on other computers?

ETATSU is a 100% cloud system, no installation required.

You can use eTatsu on any internet enabled device, anytime. It is accessible via browser, just like visiting a website.

Most processing is done by our servers. Hence, you do not need high performance devices to use eTatsu. Even your mobile phone can be used. 

Can my collegues and I use ETATSU at the same time? Is there a limit on the number of users?

Yes, you can use with unlimited user.. 

Efficiency is one of the key elements to a company's success. ETATSU is a multi user system that aims to improve organisation workflow. You are in full control. You can grant as many users as you deem neccessary, to work together at the same time, from any device, anywhere.

There is no additional cost to add users. You only need traffic quota for their consumption, just like yourself. 

I am managing more than one company. Can I use ETATSU for more than one company?

Yes, you can.

You can create as many organisations/companies as you need in eTatsu. There is no additional cost to add organisations/companies. You only need traffic quota whenever you use eTatsu.

You can also grant access to specific companies to anyone of your choice so that they can help you from any device, anytime and at any place.

If you are managing multiple clients' accounting, you can manage all their accounting from your own single location without travelling to their different premises, provided they grant you access. 

Do you have a demo?

Officially, no.

However, we provide our user guides free of charge. Feel free to explore it if you like.

We are enthusiatic to improve the accounting industry by participating and supporting CoAcc. You can find out more about how our users benefit from eTatsu by joining CoAcc.

If you prefer to experience eTatsu, with just as low as seven (7) RIMO (RM10.50) you can have eTatsu all by yourself and explore all of its functionalities with your own relevant test data. 

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